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Welcome to our Blog! We plan to keep you up date with all our children’s theatre events / workshops and a few other things besides.  We hope that you will send us lots of pictures and comments. If you have got to our blog you will have probably seen our brand new shiny bZents website which will give you some idea of the wide variety of stuff we can offer.  If you need to know more then just drop us a line or give us a call.


Mea culpa!

I know it has been far too long since my last entry on here , but we have been smashing it!

We have had great shows and performances for English Heritage in particular at Osborne House (in our new costumes),

Osborne 1

Lincoln Castle, Wrest Park, Witley Court and Audley End. The response we have had has been tremendous. Let’s hope it is going to be the same the summer long.

Would be nice if we had a bit more sunshine though!

More new stuff…

The week’s work for Hallowe’en at Wrest Park for English Heritage was brilliant.  Over 3,000 visitors came through.

Intrepid ghost hunters, ever ready

Intrepid ghost hunters, ever ready

Since then I have bought a new medieval straw hat for the summer to stop my nose from going too red and we are currently writing a mystery for Christmas at Audley End called “The Missing Christmas Pudding!”  All good clean stuff.


Before the Audley job though, there is one of my favourite jobs of the year, the Ludlow Medieval Christmas Market.



A great week!

A great week was had by all at Wrest Park.  We were performing another of our ghostly mystery trails.

Intrepid ghost hunters, ever ready

Intrepid ghost hunters, ever ready

The sun shone and the people came.  In their thousands.  We had over three thousand people through the gates!  All records were broken apparently.

Next is another mystery to write, “The Missing Christmas Pudding”.  This one is for English Heritage again, this time at Audley End.


Another new show!

This weekend sees the first performance of our new show for this year, “Dastardly Dick Or Righteous Richard?” at Middleham Castle for English Heritage.


It is all about Richard III

Richard III

and it is all looking pretty good and I think it’s particularly exciting because Middleham Castle is where Richard III grew up.  How sad does that make me?!  However, what makes things even more exciting is that the Tour de France is coming through Middleham on the Saturday.  Vive la difference!

Phew, so that was Christmas!!!

Yes, it was, and very good it was too.  Plenty of work building up to the big day, particularly for Center Parcs,  going on the piste en famille on Christmas Day then back to gird up the loins for the coming year!

The big project of course is the new Richard III show called “Dastardly Dick or Righteous Richard?”  We already have bookings for English Heritage and we are hoping to tap the well of current popularity for this celebrated monarch.

Richard III

I shall keep you all informed.

Christmas in all it’s glory!

Well, sort of.

The Ludlow Medieval Festival was as brilliant as ever.


Robin Hood went down VERY well, lots of volunteers and lots of fun.


The weather was its usual cold self but the sun shone, particularly on the Saturday.  Great stuff. Since then there have been all kinds of different things going on.  Gayna is really busy on Wednesdays and Sundays at Center Parcs, storytelling. I had a fabulous day in Sherwood Forest yesterday doing Circus skills and we are back at Center Parcs doing a number of “Breakfasts With Santa!”  Gayna as Fidget the Fairy


and me as Captain Hook. Then it’s Christmas!

Ludlow Laughs

Last weekend was the annual Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre and it was brilliant! As ever.


The venue was stunning and the people we were working with were of a really high calibre which is always good.  We were working with some old friends – Wyndebagge and  Revellion, Discover History, The Plantagenants , Fairbows to name just a few.


The sun shone and whilst it was cold, it was nowhere near as freezing as it has been in other years and the crowds came in their thousands!  The only vague fly in the ointment was the fact that the power failed, not just for the festival but for all of that part of Ludlow, right in the middle of our third Robin Hood performance which was a real shame as it was going swimmingly!  Nevertheless the leccy board arrived with a generator the size of a small bungalow and everything was back on track on Sunday.


Robin Hood has been busy.  We went to Ampthill for a Eobin Hood show on Wednesday morning, and they booked us for another one for this Friday!

Busy is good!

I know, I know……

My last post was in September and it’s now October, but once again I plead business, (or should that read busy-ness?).

Work for our various endeacours has continued apace.  Class In a Coat has had a good autumn – not quite as busy as lart year, September in particular, but nonetheless all very satisfactory.

Jean_Lee_144 - Copy

Temple’s Entertainments Agency seems to be developing too with a cracking new website and brochure.

bZents has been manic with all kinds of things, some new, some old favourites. Center Parcs has kept pretty well occupied,

Center pArcs

but once again the highlight of the autumn has been the ghostly mystery trail at Wrest Park for English Heritage.


Once again this was a cracker.  “A Hungry Haunting” had over 1000 kids sign up to take part over the week.  This does not include the under 5s that came with them, nor their mums, dad, grandparents, nannies assorted uncles and aunts etc..  A great time was had by nearly all.  Two groups felt it wasn’t scary enough.   This was more than reconciled by the brilliant comments we received through the week and the Facebook comments submitted to Wrest Park.

It;s the big run down to Christmas now, that and the writing of our new History show “Dastardly Dick or Righteous Richard!” ready for next season.

I’m sorry OK?

I really am.  I have just checked when my last auricle on here was posted and it was in June!

However this does reflect a massively busy summer, and it was fun!  The sun shone and the people came.


In their hundreds, dare I say thousands?

We worked mostly for English Heritage at some wonderful sites, Audley End, Wrest Park, Bolsover (a real gem) Conisborough (my favourite castle)

Conisbrough Castle

Scarborough….to name just a few.

We also worked for Norwich City Council performing “Horatio’s Last Hurrah!”


and after a summer long programme of touring theatre we were chosen as the best!  How chuffed we were.

So it’s heads down now writing the Hallowe’en ghost trail for Wrest Park and preparing the new Richard III show for next year.  I promise not to leave it so long in the future!

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