Circus Skills Workshops

Our Big Top Bonanza Circus Workshop days have been developed to provide a taste of the fun, drama and excitement of the circus for pupils of all ages. You will see the children taking on new challenges and their joy at being successful. Circus skills are a wonderful way of developing basic physical skills such as balance and control, co-ordination and movement, rhythm and timing, and throwing and catching. They also encourage self-confidence, teamwork and co- operation.

bZents teachers are experienced professionals who know how to motivate and encourage all the participants. They use a wide variety of teaching methods, giving the children the opportunity to see equipment being expertly used; the chance to experiment themselves; and individual attention to help them perfect their skills.

We aim to provide your school or group with a totally unforgettable experience.


‘Feel the Force’   Circus activity days
Roll up, Roll up!  The Science Circus is in Town!!

bZents ‘Feel the Force’ Circus activity days explore the science behind the thrills and spills of the Circus. Our Science activity days have been  developed to help learners gain a better understanding of the concepts of Forces and Motion as required by National curriculum for KS1 and KS2.

How do objects move? Why do objects fall, speed up or slow down? All the  theoretical questions and answers of ‘Forces and Motion’ are brought to life with exciting hands-on circus themed activities.

What do our ‘Feel the Force’ Circus Activity Days consist of?

They consist of practical hands on circus skills activities- each activity investigating a different type of Force.

Who are ‘Feel the Force’ Circus Activity Days for?

They are suitable for all KS1 and KS2 pupils as they are designed with appropriate development for each age group.

What are the expected learning outcomes?

We expect the KS1 learners to be able to be able to;-

  • Use vocabulary relating to force and movement
  • Describe situations in which there are forces acting on an object
  • And in addition KS2 learners to be able to;-
  • Identify friction as a force
  • Identify some of the factors that increase friction between solid surfaces
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