The Tales of Robin Hood

Using our own ‘Storytelling with a difference’ style we bring to life the Legend of Robin Hood with ‘Robin hood and the Silver Arrow’ and ‘Robin Hood’s Greatest Adventure’.  The stories include awe-inspiring archery contests, terrific tournaments and swashbuckling swordfights. The Tales of Robin Hood project is run by our two medieval characters Alan-A-Dale and Rosie and can include any of the following workshops for the whole class:-

  • We recommend that the day starts with a performance of Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow or Robin Hood’s Greatest Adventure
  • A Jester Workshop. A workshop for the budding medieval Jester.
  • A Dance Workshop. A riotous dance session for all.
  • A Play in a Day. Using “a play in a day” teaching technique our two Medieval characters help the pupils to create their own performance of “The Tales of Robin Hood” for their peers.

Educational Aims 

During the project the children will be encouraged to ;-

  • Empathise with the events and people of the Medieval period.
  • Develop their communication and language skills.
  • Create and develop their own ideas to use in performance.
  • Use their imagination.
  • Co-operate with, respect and listen to, their peers.
  • Experiment with new physical skills.