The Tudors

Using our own ‘Storytelling with a difference’ style we have created two Tudor related performances. ‘Don’t Mess With Bess’ and ‘What Ho-Henry!’. Both performances have been used as inspiration for History and ‘Learning Across the Curriculum’ projects. They are also an ideal start to our “Tudor Time Travellers” project, a series of activities aimed at bringing the whole Tudor period to life.

Don’t Mess With Bess!
Queen Elizabeth 1; Good Queen Bess; The Virgin Queen. All names for one of the most famous and exciting of English monarchs.

bZents have turned their attention to this great queen and in their inimitable style have created “Don’t Mess with Bess!”

The children at your school will bring the major happenings and many of the major players of her 45 year reign to life. Fabulously costumed and word perfect they will conjure up the Spanish Armada ( yes, all of it!) and treasure, Sir Walter Raleigh and Mary Queen of Scots, Sir Francis Drake and potatoes.

What-ho Henry! 
A fantastic romp through the highs, lows and beheadings of Henry VIII’s life. ‘What Ho-Henry!’ was commissioned by English Heritage and The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich to celebrate King Henry VIII’s five hundredth anniversary of his coronation, and is a marvellous introduction to one of our most famous monarchs.

Once again the children in the audience will be used to perform all the main roles in this wonderful play about this most famous of king’s life and exploits. You will be touched as Henry woos his many wives, thrilled at his jousting and archery skills, terrified at his tremendous temper.


This wonderful story given the full bZents treatment so that the children realise that Shakespeare can be FUN!  Once again they are transported back to Tudor times and they play all the main parts in this wonderful tale of dark ambition, from the evil cackling witches to Birnam wood!