Circus Skills Workshops

Ever wanted to juggle? Dreamed of unicycling?

Longed to throw a diabolo high into the air and to catch it every time, and not just catch it, but catch it with style and pzaz?

Then bZents Circus Workshops are for you.

They can be as free and easy or as structured as you like. Our experienced and skilled teachers will entertain you as well as teach you. bZents have been teaching circus skills for over twenty years and have lost count of the people with two left feet they have taught to juggle.

Our workshops are suitable for all age groups and all types of event.
We carry a wide range of equipment, in great quantities, including:-

  • Juggling balls, scarves, rings, clubs
  • Diabolos
  • Spinning plates
  • Devil Sticks
  • Balancing feathers
  • Stilts – Handheld and Chinese Stilts
  • Unicycles
  • Balance boards
  • Balance Poles

Our Circus Workshops have proved extremely popular not only at Family Events and Festivals but also for Corporate Team Building Days.

Designed to promote self-esteem, co-operation and teamwork, whilst developing an appreciation of the abilities of others, bZents circus workshops are a cost-effective and fun way of bringing a team together.

When you book our Expert Team for your event we will ensure that we create Circus Workshops tailored to your needs.