Heroes Heroines and Hoods

Using our own ‘Storytelling With a Difference’ style we bring to life, with the help of the audience, some of our favourite Legendary and Historical characters.

Our “Heroes, Heroines and Hoods” series lets you choose any three of the following titles for your event, all lavishly costumed and impeccably performed, so that there is a wonderful variety of shows offered to your public:-

  • Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow – One of this Legendary characters most famous of tales.
  • Robin Hood’s Greatest Adventure –How did Friar Tuck join Robin Hood’s merry band? How did Robin save the children of Nottingham from certain death? All is revealed in this fabulous tale.
  • “You’re Having An Arthur” – bZents’ irreverent but fun look at the legend of King Arthur. Knights, round tables, magicians….they’re all here!
  • Dastardly Dick Or Righteous Richard? – A goody or a baddy? Facts about this famous (or notorious) king are put in front of the audience and they make up their own minds.  Includes the entire Battle of Towton
  • What-ho Henry !– A fantastic romp through the highs, lows and beheadings of Henry VIII’s life
  • Don’t Mess With Bess– A whistle stop tour of the life of Elizabeth I and the Tudor period.
  • Horatio’s Last Hurrah!– It’s the early 1800s and Britain is at war, a war where it is fighting for its very existence, an existence that is ensured by the exploits of, Horatio Nelson, the greatest hero of the age.
  • “We Are Amused” – Despite a gloomy image we show that Queen Victoria was a bundle of laughs, especially when it came to her children!

The stories include awe-inspiring archery contests, terrific tournaments naval battles, swashbuckling swordfights, beheadings and weddings. bZents has established a national reputation with its performances of participatory theatre, where the children at your event can join in the wonderful shows about some of this country’s greatest characters.

This really is a truly original series of family shows, guaranteed to enhance any event, indoor or out. The company supplies all necessary props, costumes and sound equipment. All the venue has to supply is a space and an audience and get ready for the magic to begin.

We also bring lots of fun activities to accompany the performances.