Storytelling with a Difference

We at bZents have developed an exciting and unique style of storytelling and performance – the audience plays all the parts. As the story unfolds the storyteller chooses members of the audience to take on all the main character roles. This style of storytelling is ideally suited to schools and family festivals as it involves a huge number of participants. Currently you can choose from;

  • ‘The Tales of Robin Hood’ – Our hero’s most exciting stories brought to life before your very eyes!
  • “You’re Having An Arthur” – bZents’ irreverent but fun look at the legend of King Arthur. Knights, round tables, magicians….they’re all here!
  • “Dastardly Dick Or Righteous Richard?” – a look at some of the facts and stories surrounding this somewhat controversial figure, with the audience being asked to make up their own minds as to whether Richard is a hero or a villain.
  • ‘What-Ho Henry!’– an abridged version of the reign of this outrageous monarch
  • ‘Don’t Mess with Bess!’– an exciting approach to the History of the longest serving Tudor Queen
  • ‘Horatio’s Last Hurrah!’ – a salty tale of our great Hero and his battles against Napoleon’s France.
  • “We Are Amused!” – Queen Victoria’s reign is under the microscope, along with the entire charge of The Light Brigade!

‘Our Storytelling brings Legend and History to life!’